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About us

About us

REMEKO Ltd., established in 2000, is a Bulgarian trading company, successor to the commercial representation of the Swedish company REMECO Trading AB for the territory of Bulgaria. Due to the good contacts and long-term cooperation of the company with both - our Bulgarian and international partners as well as the financial stability of the company over the years we have gained a professional experience in various fields.

REMEKO Ltd. is a representative for Bulgaria of leading companies from Europe and the USA, some of which are: ELKEM - Norway, REFRATECHNIK - Germany, SILICON – The Netherlands, MARTIN ENGINEERING - USA / Germany, VÍTKOVICE CYLINDERS - Czech Republic, ALLIED MINERAL PRODUCTS - USA / The Netherlands, KEMCRISTAL - Romania, KEMIRA - Finland, BIOTECH / BORREGAARD ​​- Austria / Norway, ERIEZ MAGNETICS - USA / UK, INDUCTOTHERM - USA / Turkey, ERVIN AMASTEEL - UK / Germany, TRANSROLL - Czech Republic, JOTUN - Norway, AFFIVAL - France, UNIFRAX - France, SAAR METAL - Germany, Lebronze Alloys - France / Germany, C.M. Surface Treatment - Italy and others.

We develop our business in the following areas of industry:

  • Metallurgy
  • Foundry industry
  • Metal surface treatment and metal constructions
  • Energy
  • Cement industry
  • Mines and quarries
  • Ecology
  • Specific applications
  • Environmentally friendly industrial solutions
  • Furniture industry

REMEKO has two own warehouses in / from which the wide range of imported materials and products are distributed.

The company's management systems are standardized and certified in the field of quality, which ensures the sustainable execution and development of the main processes and business activities.

ISO 9001:2015

REMEKO E&I OOD was established in 2013 as a result of many years of cooperation between REMEKO Ltd. - Sofia and an Austrian remediation company dealing with the removal of asbestos and heat insulation. REMEKO E&I is a private company owned by Bulgarian and Austrian citizens who have been active in the field of insulation technologies since many decades. As a result of this partnership, for nearly a decade a significant number of small and medium-sized projects for removal of asbestos-containing materials have been implemented.

In the REMEKO E&I business we combine the know-how of the Austrian partner in the field of engineering issues and European standards with the experience and professionalism of REMEKO Ltd. as a local specialist with qualified personnel for building and assembly teams management.

The company is structured to provide a personal service to its clients. Absolute flexibility in all matters and comprehensive personal service are the prime concerns of our management and staff.

It is well known that asbestos fibers put serious risks to human health and, in this regard, the provisions imposed by the European and Bulgarian authorities on the handling, removal and disposal of asbestos-containing products are extremely strict. REMEKO E&I covers these high requirements and is a licensed asbestos remediation contractor of this kind of activities for Bulgaria and EU including HSE (health, safety, environment).

We can offer a wide range of asbestos removal, decontamination and repair activities and services. Our highly qualified and experienced staff will work with the latest technologies and equipment, ensuring that our services guarantee the most advanced and practical solutions.

Until the end of the year 2017 REMEKO E&I has removed near to 40.000 (!) m² of asbestos containing materials in Bulgarian industrial and power plants аnd we would proudly say: Without any complaint or deficiencies!

REMEKO E&I also offers solutions in all spheres of industrial thermal insulation and acoustic insulation. For steam and gas turbines we offer either a spray applied jointless high-temperature-insulation or a bespoke mattress system. The company also designs, manufactures and installs electrical trace heating systems, acoustic enclosures and fire protection.

First class technical solutions with guaranteed on-time performance using fully trained and qualified workers are a basic requirement of our business philosophy.

Comprehensive advice on the selection of detail finishes naturally also forms part of our services.

Since the beginning of 2014, REMEKO Trade entered into contractual relations as an official distributor of JOTUN Group through Jotun Bulgaria. JOTUN is the world's leading manufacturer of paints, industrial coatings and powder paints. REMEKO Trade, as a part of the JOTUN network, carries out activities such as distribution and sale of various types of paints and products for protection and decoration of surfaces, both for civil construction and for industrial markets - fire protection, finishing and anti-corrosion coatings. We also offer services such as tinting / coloring / dyeing, depending on and at the customer's request. Each added product stands out for our added value - application accuracy, highlighting and remarkable durability.

REMEKO Trade has in its portfolio the widely used in the furniture industry product Drill Jig for Minifix. The Drill is designed for vertical and horizontal drilling of wood, thick pressed cardboard panels and wood panels with laminated coating. Using the Drill Jig also includes observing the instructions for working with the electric drill.