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Foundry Industry

REMEKO Ltd. is an official representative of the Norwegian company ELKEM - a global manufacturer of MgFeSi and inoculants for gray and ductile cast iron.

MgFeSi nodularisers:

  • Elmag 6112
  • Elmag 4620
  • Elmag 5801
  • Lamet 5504 (in mould process)
  • CompactMag 5503 - modifier for compacted graphite iron


  • Superseed 75 inoculant
  • Superseed Extra inoculant
  • Barinoc inoculant
  • SMZ 25
  • Zircinoc inoculant

Reseed and Ultraseed inoculants

  • F.G. FeSi 75% inoculant

Additional treatment materials for molten cast iron:

  • Preseed preconditioner - material for cast iron added to the furnace
  • Topseed conditioner - ductile cast iron material added to the pocket instead of chips


  • Elgraph Premium “S”  0,5-5 mm

 Refractory materials:

  •  Silica dry ramming masses for gray ductile iron melting
  • Silica dry ramming masses for carbon alloy iron steels
  • Insulation material and coil grouts
  • Dry and semi dry refractory masses for idle ladles
  • Plastic materials for spout and top cup installation and partial repairs of furnaces and iron ladles lining
  • Plastic materials with increased wear and erosion resistance
  • Iron ladle coatings
  • Protective refractory coatings for temporary protection of refractory surfaces, stopper systems, nozzles and furnace spouts
  • High temperature coatings
  • Castables and refractory materials for full installation of channel induction furnaces
  • Mica and combi-mica paper for slip plain  

Insulation materials:

  • Fiber-ceramic insulating materials up to 1500 °C

Ferro alloys:

  • FeSi 75%, 10-50 mm
  • FeSi 75%,   3-10 mm
  • FeSi 65%, 10-80 mm

Induction melting systems and induction heating equipment - INDUCTOTHERM

  • Design, manufacturing and installation of all kinds of medium and high frequency induction furnaces with a volume of 5 kg to 50 MT
  • Design, manufacturing and commissioning of induction melting and heating systems up to 6 kHz and up to 8 MW

Others materials and equipments:

  • Foundry ladles - A1 Ropper
  • Equipment for moulding sand preparation – One-arm mixers, Moulding lines reclamation
  • Ceramic and foam filters
  • Paddle mixers
  • Thermocouples
  • 2-,3- arm pneumatic vibrators, Pencil vibrators, EVS systems