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REMEKO Ltd. is the exclusive representative and importer for Bulgaria of the German company Refratechnik based in Düsseldorf, which is the metallurgical center of Germany. The beginning of its independent production activity is on 01.07.1998. The company has its own research center and planning and development department.
Since the end of 2001, Refratechnik manufactures and markets refractory bricks, castables, gunning materials and various refractory materials necessary for the complete construction of refractory lining of converters, blast furnaces, launders and different types of transport and treatment ladles. The company also produces high-quality, synthetic slags as well as insulating and exothermic powders. In the Dülmen sub-division, they also produce various sliding gate systems and porous plugs for blowing in the steel transport and tundish ladles. The company also has production facilities in Spain and China.

More detailed information about our products and technical solutions can be found on the Refratechnik.

REMEKO Ltd. successfully supplies to its customers on the Bulgarian market also the following materials and accompanying equipment:

  • Forged copper plates for continuous casting machines
  • Water-cooled elements for EAF sidewalls and roofs, PCB panels, bus bars, forged contact clamps and different type of nozzles and lance tips
  • Feeders, all types of cored wire for steel industry and non-ferrous industry
  • Ferroalloys
  • Design and construction for steel mini mills
  • Contemporary engineering solutions for the optimization of metallurgical processes and aggregates